Our Infrastructure

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We are located inside de Industrial Park el Marques that is one of the most modern, clean and secure of the country. Our warehouse offer us a working area of 24757 ft2 but with the land we have we can expand the double of the size. Inside this warehouse we have installed the following machinery to offer our services:

  • One Moviplas Oven 1800 of 6ft diameter destined for producing small complex parts.Image 02
  • One Moviplas Oven 2600 of 8.5ft diameter designed for high volume production of small parts when we have more molds of the same part, or for producing medium size parts or even big size parts with the offset arm all of this option of sizes for complex parts.
  • One Moviplas Oven 3000 of 10ft diameter for producing big parts.
  • Every oven has 2 arms. In sum we can offer 6 arms for production.
  • One Moviplas open flame 1500 with the capacity of producing simple cilindrical parts up to 1.5m of diameter and 2m long.
  • Some of our support or peripheral equipment are:
    • One 5hp air rotary screw compressor
    • Sand blast equipmente and cabin for cleaning and texturizing molds
    • Resin Pulverizer with a 250kg/hr capacity
    • 300 kg/hr dry blending machine for pigmentation.