Who are we?

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We are a company with high ethic and moral values.

Satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients with maximum quality and efficiency, offering a complete and personalized service through rotomolding.
To be the best option for our current and potential clients in the production of rotomolded parts, fomenting our collaborator’s and company’s development and growth.
Quality Policy
VERSAPLAS has a commitment to satisfy our client’s requirements through rotomolding production, exceeding their expectations with timely and appropriate service. Implementing new technologies and promoting our collaborator’s and company’s growth.

We have more than 32 years of experience in the manufacturing of rotomolded parts. We have produced a wide range of parts, from very simple ones to parts with strict thickness and dimension control, as well as parts with inserts.

Our workers have received training from several rotomolding experts from different parts of the world.
We are recognized as a R&D+I company by CONACyT (Government Institute). Named as a Reniecyt Company. We have innovated on machinery and resins to optimize their functionality with support of different research centers.

We are ISO 9001:2008 certified in the production and commercialization of rotomolded products.


Maybe for some people our name Versaplas hasn't been around for so long but we are not new in this industry. With more than 32 years of experinced since our president in 1982 started the company ROTOPLAS as partner and CEO starts our history in rotational molding.
He was the creator of the concept and design of the water tank called in Spanish Tinaco ROTOPLAS.

He started producing with only 13 employers in 1982 and for the year 2000, ROTOPLAS Group had opened 7 subsidiaries within Mexico and 3 in South America with more than 1500 employers.

He retired from ROTOPLAS Group in 2000, leaving the company as the biggest in Latin America and ranked 4 at a worldwide level among the rotomolding industries.

But looking out to develop a more complex plastic parts in rotational molding he couldn't find too many option in Mexico for a custom molding company that his core bussiness was to attend first the production of their customers rather than their own products. So for that reason in 2008 he decides to start this new company called Versaplas to attend this need of a custom molding company with great reliability for producing high value added complex parts.

Our history and path is full of ideas and technological innovation that has revolutionized the rotational molding market.